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We offer a full range of custom design, development and promotion services to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Problem solving is at the heart of our design philosophy. We focus on providing users exciting experience and impressions

As a full service agency, we work closely with our clients to define, design and implement the ideas put into the project

Filling out the brief

Structural elaboration

Web design

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Filling content

Website launch

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The questionnaire indicates all the details of the site, to achieve what goals it is aimed at, and to what audience. The number and content of sections, functionality, design, etc. are described;

Drawing up a site map, layout of information blocks, schematic representation of pages;

Development of templates taking into account the established layout and structure, drawing internal elements to highlight information sections. When developing a site, the design is developed by a specialist web designer;

HTML coding of templates, after which it is checked and tested in various browsers;

Programming under the terms of the approved terms of reference. After the website is developed and created, it is checked;

After development, promotion is one of the essential factors for the success of a business on the Internet, so professional optimization is an important stage;

The Internet will see your business and bring the first profit

Fill out the brief

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    How much does it cost to create a site?

    The cost of creating a website depends on many factors, as professionals do not use template approaches to solve similar problems. The price is formed based on the volume of the site, the complexity of the structure, the complexity of web design, special functional and user requirements of the customer. Learn more about pricing by contacting the studio managers.

    How much does it cost to create a website in Ukraine?

    Creation of a turnkey website - what is it?

    Creation of sites from the company Art Time Web

    Today, the development of the Internet and network technologies has reached such a level that they have easily replaced conventional media. Everything is now possible on the Internet: buy, sell, inform, recommend, watch, listen and much, much more. Therefore, it is very important to have a website. By creating your own website, you can earn big money. You can create your personal brand and sell goods or services, because in our time, all conditions have been created for this kind of business.

    Create a website from scratch

    Creation of a website from scratch is carried out to achieve the goals set by your business, attract customers and financial stability. But a certain percentage of people want to get everything without giving anything in return. It’s about building a website for free. Of course, no specialist will create a cool site for free. After all, this means wasted time, effort and other resources. At the same time, the client, in principle, will be able to figure out how to create a site himself, and an example of this is the creation of a wix site. But, how to promote and promote it, having got into the Top of search engines, without having the proper knowledge and experience? This may upset you, but without specialized knowledge and successful experience, you will not succeed with this. In the best case, you will have a template site for one or two pages, the link of which you can only send to a specific person, because he will definitely not find you through search engines.

    • In general, there are many different ways to create websites. A couple of them, this is the creation of a site on Joomla, *
    • WordPress. There is even a detailed Google guide for this.
    • But what is the best way to use it?

    Creating a website is a complex multi-stage work that requires special knowledge in various fields. The process includes the development of resource design, content filling, the use of optimal marketing tools and other elements aimed at meeting the expectations and needs of visitors. Each project in Art Time Web, regardless of its complexity and volume, is worked on by a team of specialists of various profiles, which allows you to create the most convenient and effective product.

    Creating a turnkey website allows you to get exactly the resource that will attract users on the Internet, will occupy high positions in search engines and simplify the system of interaction between the company and its customers. But for this to be so, it is necessary to specify all the details, requirements and expectations at the initial stage of the project discussion so that specialists can develop the best concept for the future online resource or platform. All this is included in the brief for the creation of the site and forms the basis for the formation of layouts, structure, design and other design components.

    Each customer pursues his own goals and expects certain results from his activities on the Internet: promotion of goods and services, sales, PR, image building, consulting, etc. Website creation is implemented taking into account the specifics of the customer’s activities, using a specific tool and technological set.

    The main stages of creating turnkey Internet sites are:

    • Creating a site map, developing a structure and forming a prototype, allowing you to outline the algorithm for the interaction of visitors with the functions of the resource;
    • Design layout with a choice of colors, font options, pictures, menus, and other graphic elements;
    • Layout and creation of an adaptive site for the possibility of correct display and use of the resource on mobile gadgets, in different browsers;
    • Seo optimization and content creation. At this stage of creating a website, SEO specialists, copywriters, and marketers work, who, by analyzing the competitive environment and characteristics of the target audience, provide search results for thematic queries;
    • Testing and making adjustments.

    The creation of a website, in addition to opening a new commercial niche for the sale of goods and services, also allows solving such tasks as increasing brand awareness and increasing the loyalty of regular customers; growth in the number of partners and visitors; interactive contact with the target audience and interaction with it almost in real time, which creates the image of a customer-oriented, responsible enterprise.

    Creating a dynamic site, unlike a static one, allows you to create pages with automatic adaptation for each client, giving him what he is looking for. They are suitable for online stores, forums, reviews and other pages with the ability to add comments, reviews and useful information by users.

    Thus, the development and creation of a website is a delicate work that, when performed by a team of professionals, can guarantee the successful promotion and development of a business in the virtual space. They are reliable, functional and display correctly on a PC monitor or smartphone or tablet display.