Site development

Website development for business is an effective way to scale and adjust to modern trends. web solutions help connect with customers, deliver better services, expand opportunities and lead to growth. Digitalize your business with Art time web and reach the next level.

The main stages of site development



Determine the goals of the project. This is the stage of choosing a technology stack and software development methodology, estimating the timing and resources to complete the project.


Drafting of TOR

Terms of reference is an important addition to the contract, which includes:

  • content structure and site map (organization of the website structure, number of pages and functions that they will perform),
  • layout planning,
  • UI design details


A prototype is a simple black and white outline of the site’s pages. Includes text and graphic blocks, the location of which depends on the user’s path through the site


Design creation

This is where creative UI designers come in, working with the approval of the client and the needs of the project. Prototypes are converted into typography, color graphics, animations, buttons, menus and more. The target audience is one of the key factors taken into account when developing. The design demonstrates how unique a website can be and is a factor in providing a pleasant user experience. To make a good impression on the user, web design must be engaging. There should be a form of branding that is related to the purpose of the site. The combination of colors chosen for the website is sure to stimulate the user experience



This is the development of the client side of the site for interaction with users. The design created in the previous step is transformed into special animations and effects. Functions are subsequently integrated based on the choice of technologies and tools. Developers provide a responsive and convenient use of the site regardless of the device



Site programming is a user-side and server-side interaction that interacts with the entire website. It’s more like an engine room. The backend code is responsible for the backend, database, business logic integration, and so on, depending on the purpose of the website


Filling content

This is the process of adding calls to action and other information related to a company, product or service to a website. Content writing requires creative headlines, copy, and so on. Due to the importance of this task, it is recommended to prepare all the content of the website just before or during development



Software testing proves the presence of bugs, not their absence. Just before a website is deployed to a post-development server, a series of rigorous tests should be carried out to identify and fix bugs. Testers check functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, etc. You must have a well-functioning website. Everything should work flawlessly. The development team must test all scenarios to make sure that the site loads and displays perfectly on all devices and platforms


How much does it cost to create a site?

The cost of creating a website depends on many factors, as professionals do not use template approaches to solve similar problems. The price is formed based on the volume of the site, the complexity of the structure, the complexity of web design, special functional and user requirements of the customer. Learn more about pricing by contacting the studio managers.

How much does it cost to create a website in Ukraine?

Creation of a turnkey website - what is it?

Website development

Website development is a complex, time-consuming and multi-stage work that is performed by several specialists. The process is aimed at creating Internet resources of various sizes and purposes from scratch. A professional approach allows you to create an original product that meets all the requirements of the customer, his target audience and the intended goals that must be achieved as a result of launching a new online project. Art Time Web is a team of professional programmers, web designers, layout designers, Seo specialists and other specialists who work closely together to guarantee a good result for every client who ordered a website development.

Although there are no clear rules and formulas for creating an effective resource that will always attract customers and bring good income, the creation and development of sites is carried out in compliance with a special set of requirements. In order for developers to create exactly the product that the customer expects, it is necessary to clearly understand what tasks the online platform should solve, what categories of visitors it is designed for, what functionality is needed for the convenience of performing actions by visitors, and who and how will maintain the site and update information.

The preparatory stage before the start of web development is the preparation of terms of reference, based on the brief, taking into account the possibility of using software and design tools. The design stages depend on the volume of the future resource, the complexity of the structure, the planned functionality, and what tasks are assigned to it.

The terms of reference for custom site development contain:

  • purpose and goals;
  • characteristics of the target audience;
  • web development technical parameters;
  • structure with a detailed description of the functions and elements of each page and section;
  • interactive elements for interacting with clients (feedback form, online application, interactive chat, filters and search system, etc.);
  • subscription forms for newsletters, mail;
  • content administration system;
  • characteristics and requirements for the content and quality of materials;
  • transfer to hosting.

Art Time Web works closely with the customer at all stages of work. However, it is the first preparatory one that is the time when the concept of the site is created, and it is important that the specialists work together with the client. The web development studio prepares several layouts, and the one approved by the client goes into work. If none is suitable, the necessary adjustments are made until the project meets all functional, technical and aesthetic requirements.

Competent development of a website will not bring the expected results without professional external and internal optimization. This will bring the resource to the top positions in search engines at the request of users. Turnkey services allow you to get a functional, optimized, convenient resource, and more about this on the website of the web developer Art Time Web.

Website development price

Professional website development inexpensively is a real service. No need to look for a freelance programmer or someone who offers a low price and risk the effectiveness of the project, as Art Time Web in Ukraine offers a profitable tariff plan and guarantees the quality and uniqueness of each product implemented. For the development of the site, the cost is formed depending on the technical and functional complexity and scope of the project, but it is always available to clients with different areas of activity.

In the programming studio you can order:

  • development of a corporate website – contains information about the company, services, products. There is a lot of interesting thematic information about the company, employees, participation in competitions, conferences, exhibitions and more;
  • development of a tourist site – there is a lot of text and graphic information, as well as video materials to present the best holiday destinations;
  • development of a company website – such a resource is somewhat more complicated and larger than the development of a business card website, since in addition to describing services and benefits, there is a portfolio section, FAQ, contacts, reviews, a feedback form or online appointments for services or consultations;
  • li>

  • development of an online store website – a voluminous multi-page and technically complex commercial project for the sale of various goods, with the possibility of online payment with various banking and electronic tools, support service, customer reviews and comments, etc.;
  • development of an auto parts website – a resource catalog can be separate from the corporate platform and is used to familiarize consumers with products, their technical characteristics, certificates and the form of purchase directly on the network.

There are many types of sites that differ not only in volume, but also in technical and functional parameters. Art Time Web specialists will help you choose what is suitable in your particular case, and the cost of services, as well as the quality, will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding client.

Turnkey website development

Turnkey website development is the best solution for creating an online product that meets the requirements of a particular client. For this, template or ready-made solutions are not used, since each project is unique, pursues its own goals, is aimed at a specific target audience and will work in a specific competitive environment.

Since the development process begins with market research and a lot of analytical work, each project will create according to its own formula. Art Time Web is a team of professionals who can create a unique and functional product of any complexity from scratch.

Development of the mobile version of the site

The development of the desktop version of the site should be carried out simultaneously with the creation of an adaptive design or mobile version. This will ensure the correct display of the resource on the display of a smartphone or tablet and the preservation of all the functionality of all elements. Since most people access the network from mobile gadgets, it is important that the site adequately and fully works in these devices, providing loyal and potential customers with access to the goods and services provided.

You can learn more about this and other aspects of developing, creating and optimizing sites at a consultation with specialists from the Art Time Web studio.